ContourPlots - would create a contour plot with the six...

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Contour Plots Warren Weckesser This Maple session gives some examples of creating contour plots. First, load the "plots" library: > with(plots): Define an expression to hold f(x,y). We'll do a contour plot for f(x,y) = x^2+2*y^2. > f := x^2 + 2*y^2; := f + x 2 2 y 2 The contourplot command creates a contour plot. The first argument is the function; the second and third arguments are the x and y ranges, respectively. > contourplot(f,x=-1. .1,y=-1. .1); After the first three arguments, you can include many optional arguments. The following are just a small sample. You can specify the exact number of contours to draw with "contours=N" (replace N with the number). The default is 8. OR, you can specify the actual contour values to be used to create the contour lines with "contours=[z1,z2,. ..,zn]". For example, the option contours=[0,0.5,1,1.5,2,2.5]
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Unformatted text preview: would create a contour plot with the six given contour values. You can change the color of the contour lines; for example, "color=green". You can force the plot to use the same scaling on the x and y axes (so a circle really looks like a circle) with "scaling=constrained". If the curves in the contour plot look jagged, you can increase the resolution with the option "grid=[Nx,Ny]", where you replace Nx and Ny with integers that give the x and y resolutions. The default is [25,25]. Here are some examples that use these options: > contourplot(f,x=-1. .1,y=-1. .1,contours=21,color=blue,scaling=const rained); > g := x^2-y^2+y^3; := g- + x 2 y 2 y 3 > contourplot(g,x=-1. .1,y=-1. .1,contours=[-0.4,-0.2,0,0.2,0.4],grid= [41,41],scaling=constrained); >...
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ContourPlots - would create a contour plot with the six...

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