dragons - Dragon Poster and Story(Literacy Time Number 2...

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Dragon Poster and Story (Literacy Time Number 2) Week 1 Day 1 What do you know about dragons in stories? What other mythical creatures can you think of? Write ideas up Why is DRAGON! in capitals with exclamation mark? Who might be the hero / villain in this story? (Speak about good and evil.) Which words show the setting of the story? Introduce adjective. Does this remind you of any other stories? Make a list of words and phrases you could use to describe a dragon’s lair. Write ideas up. Day 2 Which words describe the dragon? Refer to adjective Notice the hyphenated words. Make up hyphenated words together and write them up. Look for long vowel phonemes and notice how the long vowel sounds are spelt Day 3 Recap on any aspects of work covered on day 2 which need further practice. Adjectives - try substituting different ones in the passage. Look at speech marks. Why are they there? How do they help us read with expression? Read passage aloud together. What strategies have they used to work out any unknown words? (Sounding out, reading to end of sentence etc.) The Princess and the Dragon (published in the Scholastic Literacy Time magazine (Years 3-4) in Spring 98 No. 2) Week 2 Day 1 Read the story together (pupils looking at copies as we read it.)
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dragons - Dragon Poster and Story(Literacy Time Number 2...

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