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2bookweek - telephone book I read the TV listings for the...

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I finished a story book I read a newspaper I made a bookmark I read to a member of my family I listened to a friend reading I listened to a story teller I listened to the radio I wrote some dialogue between characters I wrote a list of different types of reading material I went to the Library I made a tape of a story I took part in a drama session about stories I wrote a poem I drew a life-size picture of a book character I took part in a story circle I read a magazine I looked at a map I read a joke book I wrote a book review I read the back of a cereal box I read a set of instructions for a game I read a recipe I read 5 street signs I found someone’s address in the
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Unformatted text preview: telephone book I read the TV listings for the day I found out details about an author I wrote a story for a younger child I wrote a report about a news article I made a book I designed a puppet I designed a wordsearch I drew a crossword puzzle I wrote a quiz about books and stories I drew a cartoon of a story I acted out a part in a play I wrote a letter to an author I made a pop-up book I re-wrote a famous story I drew a map I painted a mural about a story I read a travel brochure I read a non-fiction book I read a catalogue I read five signs in shop windows I designed a book cover Colour in the rectangle when you do an activity Book Week Self Assessment sheet...
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