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Unformatted text preview: ECE 414 ELEMENTS OF ELECTRO AND FIBER OPTICS Credits 3 ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING CREDIT Lectures TTh 09:00 10:15, auditorium EE 226 Prerequisites: ECE 301 and ECE 311 Prerequisite by Topic: Uniform plane waves, reflection and refraction of plane waves, rudimentary differential equations and matrix algebra, basic concepts in electric circuits and in semiconductor devices, basic concepts of electromagnetism such as Maxwell's equations. Engineering Science: 2.5 credits Engineering Design: 0.5 credits Course Description: Fundamental of photonics, optical information processing, guidedwave optics, lasers, optical fibers and integrated optical components, devices in communication and sensor applications. Topics include generation, transformation, modulation and detection of laser beams and their applications. Objective: The course begins with a brief introduction to lasers and fibers and concentrates its attention to their use in communication and other electrical engineering applications. Topics are selected to emphasize the application of prerequisite material in electrophysics and systems areas of modern devices and systems. Course Outcome: A student who successfully fulfills the course requirements will have demonstrated: (i) an ability to model beams and the transformation of beams; (ii) a knowledge of the operation principles of lasers and light emitting diodes; (iii) a knowledge of optical detection schemes and the operational principles of optical detectors; (iv) an understanding of the optic fiber and waveguide properties; (v) a knowledge of fundamentals and key components of optical fiber communication systems; (vi) a knowledge of fundamentals of ultrafast optics; (vii) a acquaintance with the novel concepts in photonics like photonic crystals, optical interconnects, metal optics Text: Fundamentals of Photonics (Wiley Series in Pure and Applied Optics); Bahaa E. A. Saleh (Author), Malvin Carl Teich (Author); Publisher: WileyInterscience; 2 edition (March 9, 2007); Language: English; ISBN10: 0471358320 ISBN13: 9780471358329 Course Outline: Topics 1. Overview of the course, introduction 2. Intro to Ray optics Simple optical components AB 1 01/10/11 Ray matrices 3. Intro to Wave optics Interference Polarization 4. Beam optics Gaussian beams Transformation of Gaussian beams by simple optical components 5. Introduction to lasers Review of energy levels Transition between energy levels and population inversion Rate equations Survey of laser systems 6. Semiconductor photon sources Basic parameters of semiconductor light sources Light emitting diodes Semiconductor injection lasers Material considerations and fabrication 7. Semiconductor photon detectors Types of detectors Characterization of detectors Coherent and incoherent detection Noise 8. Modulations and deflection of beams Electrooptics Acoustooptic and magnetooptic effects 9. Elements of ultrafast optics Pulse characteristics Pulse shaping, compression, propagation in waveguides 10. Elements of integrated optics Guidedwave optics Dielectric waveguides Waveguide components for integrated optics Photonic crystal optics 11. Fiber optics Characteristics and classification of fibers Microstructured fibers Fabrication of fibers and material considerations 12. Fiber communication systems 13. Novel concepts in photonics Subwavelength waveguiding Optical metamaterials Test Final 2 1 AB 2 01/10/11 ...
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