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2/4/2011 8-1 ECE 415 EXPERIMENT NO. 6 ELECTROOPTIC MODULATION PURPOSE : To study the operation and characteristics of electrooptic (EO) modulators and to illustrate their use in engineering applications. REFERENCES : 1. C. L. Chen, , Irwin, (1996), Ch. 6. 2. F. A. Jenkins and H. E. White, Fundamentals of Optics , 4th edition, McGraw-Hill Book Company, (1976), Sections 25.1, 25.5, 27.5 and 27.6 and Table 27A. 3. A. Nussbaum and R. A. Phillips Contemporary Optics for Scientists and Engineers , Prentice Hall, (1976), Sections 13.2 to 13.9. 4. V. K. Vats and G. Miles, "Introduction to Crystal Polarizers:matching a type to an application," Laser Focus , (Oct. 1977), pp. 80-82. (attached) 5. Specifications for the EO modulator (Conoptics, Inc., Model 370) and a linearly polarized laser (Melles Griot, 05LHP141, 4 mW). (attached) NOTE : The electrooptic (EO) modulator (Model 370, Conoptics, Inc.) used in the experiment is a transverse EO modulator with four ADP crystals. A polarizer is also attached to the modulator. The polarizer transmission axis is at 45° relative to the ADP crystals. Since the polarizer is already attached, the only alignment required is to orient the modulator/ polarizer combination with respect to the linearly polarized light. Note that a polarizer is often referred to as an analyzer if it is at the output end of a device. PROCEDURES : 1. Arrange the optical components shown in Figure 1 except the EO modulator and attached polarizer. The HeNe laser tube is rotated so that the fields of the linearly polarized light beam are horizontal with respect to the optical bench. A linear polarizer and/or a half-wave plate may be used to accomplish this task. Measure the light power (I inc ) of the linearly polarized beam.
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