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engr126- hwk1 - HOMEWORK #1 rd th Due: 3 9 Sept 2008...

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HOMEWORK #1 Due: 3 rd – 9 th Sept 2008 Instructions for Homework Submissions: All homework submissions, whether hard copies or files submitted electronically, must have the following items at the top of the page or file: Your Name Your Lab Section Number Your Team Number (when assigned) All hard copy deliverables are to be stapled together and submitted immediately at the start of Lab 2. 0. Expect an Email Message If you were enrolled for the course before classes began, you received an email from CATME Team Tools inviting you to set up an account and password. If you lost the email (or don’t remember the password), you can go to https://www.catme.org/ and click on “Forgot Your Password?” to receive a new email inviting you to reset your password. The username is your FULL email address (including the @purdue.edu). If you are an new student, watch for an email message from CATME Team Tools this week (It may be in your junk email folder). Complete the survey; this will be used for permanent team formation. 1. Reading Assignment Complete the assigned MATLAB reading assignment posted on the Course Schedule on the ENGR 126 Blackboard homepage. 2. Module Assignment: Problem Definition
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engr126- hwk1 - HOMEWORK #1 rd th Due: 3 9 Sept 2008...

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