hwk2 - HOMEWORK th#2 th Due Sept 10 Sept 16 1 Reading...

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HOMEWORK #2 Due: Sept 10 th – Sept 16 th 1. Reading Assignment Complete the assigned MATLAB reading assignment posted on the Course Schedule on the ENGR 126 Blackboard homepage. 2. Module Assignment (Due before your next lecture) Complete the “Team Decision Making” Module posted under On-Line Modules on the ENGR 126 Blackboard homepage before lecture. Deliverable: Online Submission 3. Writing and running a MATLAB script Write a script that calculates the displacement of an under-damped vibration response (formula given below). Vibrations are a problem common to almost all fields of engineering; you are likely to become very familiar with formulas such as these in your engineering classes. ) sin( ) ( ) ( ) ( 2 0 2 0 0 φ ϖ ζϖ + + + = - t e x x v x n t d d n n Where: Variable Description Value x = Displacement as a function of time in meters ? v o = Initial velocity in meters/sec 15 m/s x o = Initial displacement in meters 0.05 m ω n (omega_n) = Natural frequency in radians/sec 90 rad/s ω d (omega_d) = Damped frequency in radians/sec 87 rad/s t = Time in seconds 0.036 s φ (phi)= Phase shift in radians 0.2635 rad ζ (zeta) = Damping ratio (has no units associated with it, which in engineering terminology is referred to as “dimensionless”) 0.25
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a. Sketch a flowchart for the computation of x . Your flowchart should breakdown the formula into simple steps. Reminder: Your flowchart should be written using English and it should not contain MATLAB code. b. Open the MATLAB template file ( probtemplate.m ) in the MATLAB editor and re-save it as hw2prob3.m . c. Edit the Comments section in the script. d.
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hwk2 - HOMEWORK th#2 th Due Sept 10 Sept 16 1 Reading...

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