hwk3 - HOMEWORK #3 th th Due: September 15 -19 1. Reading...

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HOMEWORK #3 Due: September 15 th -19 th 1. Reading Assignment Complete the reading assignment posted on the Course Schedule on the ENGR 126 Blackboard homepage. 2. ENGR 126 Teaming Concepts – Code of Cooperation This problem is to be completed by your entire team. During your introduction to teaming in lecture the Code of Cooperation was discussed. Your team's assignment is to develop a Code of Cooperation with a set of rules provided and at least five (5) additional rules that your team will create . You will use your Code of Cooperation to hold your team and individual members accountable. The rules you will create are of two types: team and individual . Team rules are targeted at keeping the team as a whole accountable; individual rules are targeted at keeping individuals accountable. Your team must develop at least one of each type . Each rule should be worded appropriately to allow future evaluation of your team and team members on a scale of strongly agree to strongly disagree. It should also include courses of action for when the rules are broken. When you access your on-line Code of Cooperation, you will see the list of rules we are providing. Use these as a guide when creating your team rules. To electronically submit your Code of Cooperation, one team member must go to the on-line assignment page at: https://engineering.purdue.edu/ENE/WebformsFor/AvailableFor/ENGR126 After logging in, select Code of Cooperation from the Available Forms list. Verify that all team members’ names are correct at the top of the Code of Cooperation accessed. All of your team's rules are to be entered on this page. To add each item to your Code, select the “Create New Item …”
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hwk3 - HOMEWORK #3 th th Due: September 15 -19 1. Reading...

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