hwk4-2 - ENGR 126 Fall 2008 MEA 1 Purdue Paper Plane...

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ENGR 126 – Fall 2008 HOMEWORK 4 MEA 1 Purdue Paper Plane Challenge This problem is to be completed individually The purpose of the Peer Critique is to provide a critical evaluation of another team’s work such that the team can use your feedback to improve their solution. Your feedback should enable and encourage the team receiving your critique to make substantive (e.g. major, practical, fundamental) change to improve their MEA solution. An ability to critically evaluate other people’s work and provide constructive feedback that encourages improvement is a necessary professional skill that takes practice. Through this assignment, you will practice giving feedback through a Calibrated Peer Critique of the work of a sample student team. Just as your Teaching Assistant evaluated your team’s MEA First Draft, you will evaluate the team’s MEA Second Draft work along three dimensions: Mathematical Model, Re-Usability and Modifiability, and Audience (Share-ability). After you have provided feedback on the sample team’s work, you will have access to an example of how an expert evaluated that sample team. A review of the expert evaluation will enable you to better gauge the depth and specificity for the critique you will do of one of your peer’s work next week. Once you have reviewed the expert evaluation, you will be asked to reflect on three ways that you can improve your ability to provide a Peer Critique. You will access the Critique by Peers Calibration through the MEA 1 link on the WebForms page at: https://engineering.purdue.edu/ENE/WebformsFor/AvailableFor/engr126 The instructions below walk you through the items that must be completed in a Peer Critique. Keep in mind that “good” feedback is: Clear and organized
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hwk4-2 - ENGR 126 Fall 2008 MEA 1 Purdue Paper Plane...

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