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ENGR 12600 - Fall 2008 HOMEWORK 8 MEA 2 Just-In-Time Manufacturing For Homework 8, you will complete the following parts of MEA 2: 1. Team completion of MEA 2 - Team Second Draft 2. Individual completion of the MEA 2 - Critique by Peer Calibration 3. Individual completion of the MEA 2 - Critique by Peer Calibration Results It is critical that you complete all parts of the MEA 2 sequence. Failure to complete any part will lock you out of the rest of the sequence and could result in a grade of 0 on MEA 2. 1. MEA 2 – Team Second Draft Your TA will provide feedback and a grade for your responses to the individual questions and MEA Team Draft 1. To see your individual feedback on MEA 2, click on the “TA Feedback of 1st Draft” link on the WebForms page at: https://engineering.purdue.edu/ENE/WebformsFor/AvailableFor/ENGR126 To see your Team Draft 1 feedback, click on the “Team Second Draft” link. TAs will provide feedback within 48 hours of your team completing Draft 1. At this time, Devon Dalton would like your team to revise your MEA 2 Team Draft 1 procedure(s) and provide documentation on the revisions (see page 2). The data file ( justintime_data_hmwk8.txt referred to in the memo) is available on Blackboard. Recall that the client is looking for a share-able, re-usable, and modifiable procedure that is easy to use, understand, and modify. To prepare to make revisions, your team should: Review the original memo (Lab 8). Review your team’s first response. Review the feedback provided by your TA, noting the level to which your team has addressed the Mathematical Model, Re-Usable and Modifiable, and Audience (Share-able) criteria. Attempt to use your MEA solution, as written by your team , to rank the shipping companies using the data provided. Avoid making assumptions or reading between the lines of your own procedure – execute it as written. Your team might also consider having someone not on your team try to use your procedure (even someone not in the class) while you observe. This would help you identify difficult or unclear steps in your procedure. Be sure to give your team’s reasoning for the each step, heuristic (i.e. rule), or consideration in your team’s procedures. Use the following outline to help organize your team’s response and ensure that your team has not forgotten necessary items. CAUTION: The memo that your team submits should be in narrative form, not in outline form. Items I A-C are typically all covered in the first paragraph and item II is typically in easy-to-follow numbered steps. Item III could be in a combination of paragraph and tabular form, depending on the nature and quantity of the results generated by your team’s solution. ( NOTE: Your team cannot receive a grade higher than a D if you do not present results (Item III). Why? A client would want to see results. Without results, you team has only attempted part of the task (provided the client with a
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hwk8mea2 - ENGR 12600 - Fall 2008 MEA 2 Just-In-Time...

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