hwk11 - HOMEWORK#11 Due 1 Reading Assignment Complete the...

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HOMEWORK #11 Due: November 12 – 18 1. Reading Assignment Complete the assigned reading posted on the Course Schedule on the ENGR 126 Blackboard homepage. 2. Debugging Code Part II This section to be completed individually. Identify THREE errors in the code below using the table after the code. Clearly indicate the line number of the error, describe the error and how it could be fixed. Each error counts as one, even if there are multiple errors on the same line. Line Number MATLAB Code 1 function [new_temp]=total_plate(temp_matrix) 2 % This function recalculates the temperature of every position on a heating plate 3 % by averaging the surrounding values. 4 % The input is temp_matrix, the temperature matrix (degrees Celsius) 5 % The output is new_temp, the updated temperature matrix (degrees Celsius) 6 7 % ---- Input Section ---- 8 [n,m] = size(temp_matrix); % Determine the size of the matrix 9 10 % ---- Calculation Section ---- 11 for x = 1:m % Loops through rows of matrix 12 while y = = 1:n % Loops through columns of matrix 13 if r == 1 | r == n | c == 1 | c == m % Calculates edges and corners 14 new_temp(x,y) = temperature_update_corner(temp_matrix,n,m); 15 else % Calculates center section 16 new_temp(x,y) = temperature_update_middle(temp_matrix,x,y); 17 end 18 end 19 end Line number What is the error? How could it be fixed?
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Deliverables: A hard copy printout of the three errors identified above.
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hwk11 - HOMEWORK#11 Due 1 Reading Assignment Complete the...

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