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ENGR 12600 Design Project Fall 2008 M1: Generating Ideas Task: In your assigned team, brainstorm ideas for what to consider in your project. Assign someone to be a recorder. The following should be recorded: 1. On a piece of plain white or engineering problems paper, record the course name, the date and time, and the list of participants in the brainstorming session. If the team brainstorms in more than one session, record the date, time, and participants each time. 2. Record the problem with a clear problem definition 3. Record the ideas on the paper, using separator lines to indicate occurrence of triggers 4. Record the trigger by type (refer to page 7-8 in the notes for a list of possible triggers). Assign someone else to be an encourager to make sure everyone is contributing. Concentrating on your living space (dorm room or apartment, for example) the brainstorming topic is “how do
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Unformatted text preview: we improve energy efficiency?” Recall that when brainstorming: Postpone judgment…no one may say, “No, that won’t work,” especially you about your own ideas! It is the number of ideas that count, not the quality! Try to generate 50 ideas every 10 minutes. Apply a new trigger whenever the flow of ideas slows down substantially. Have fun, be creative, be both silly and serious, both practical and impractical! Deliverable : 1. At Lecture 13, submit “M1: Generating Ideas” as a team. M1 consists of a typed version of the recorder’s notes of your team’s brainstorming (items 1, 2, 3, and 4 above). 2. Submit an electronic copy of the document to Blackboard using the filename format: M1_LLDD_team#.docx . For example, if you were in lab division 0701, team 1, the filename for this final M1 document would be M1_0701_team1.docx ....
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