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TO: The President of Environmental group SUBJECT: Creating sustainability on Purdue’s campus The goal of our project is to make our dorm rooms more energy efficient. With the help of the Environmental group, more energy efficient dorms will lead to sustainability, so that future generations will have an equal quality of life. In order to work towards sustainability we came to the conclusion that more insulation, key switches that only allow for lighting while room key is in the switch, and Energy Star light bulbs are essential to our projects success. Our constraints are limiting expenses; create ease of installation and incorporating a product that will not need to be replaced. Limiting expenses is important because money is not an unlimited resource. Ease of installation is necessary because it has to be done in a short period of time when the students are not occupying the dorms. It also means no highly trained professionals are needed for installation. If replacements are needed regularly maintenance cost and man power will become a burden. No more than 1% of the product cost will go towards maintenance. Such costs would not be covered by grant money. The goal for insulation is to use 45% less energy per month for the heating and cooling of the dorms within the first year of installation. According to Bob Vila the installation of BIBS insulation can increase energy efficiency by 50% and can be done easily to any building. The cosst of BIBS insulation is about 40 to 60
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M3_sample01 - TO: The President of Environmental group...

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