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m5 - The memo will be judged on its own The TA’s...

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ENGR 126 Design Project Fall 2008 M5: Final Memo Deliverable at the start of Lab 16 . Reflecting further on the feedback from your peers in Lab 15 and taking the opportunity to complete further research, make final revisions to your memo and supporting material. See the M3 description of what should be included in the memo and supporting material. Evaluation . In the last lab period, your memo will be evaluated by your TA. You will not have the opportunity to make an oral presentation to provide information in support of your memo.
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Unformatted text preview: The memo will be judged on its own. The TA’s evaluation of the memo is the basis for the M5 grade. 1. Print and bring one copy of your team’s final memo and supporting material to Lab 16. 2. Submit an electronic copy of the memo to Blackboard using the filename format: M5_LLDD_team#.doc . Save the file in MSWord 2003 compatible form. For example, if you were in lab division 0301, team 1, the filename for this final M5 document would be M5_0301_team1.doc ....
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