lab0 - Purdue University: ECE438 - Digital Signal...

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Unformatted text preview: Purdue University: ECE438 - Digital Signal Processing with Applications 1 ECE438L - Introduction, Guidelines, and Ethics. October 6, 2010 1 Introduction This document contains the basic rules and guidelines for performing and reporting your ECE438 laboratories. The following additional documents also need to be read before start- ing any laboratories. They can be found on the VISE home page . VISE laboratory rules- This document describes the general rules that must be followed while using the laboratory facilities. VISE account initialization- This document describes how to properly configure your environment on the VISE computers for performing the laboratories. VISE laboratory Printing- This document explains how to use printers in the VISE lab. 2 Laboratory Course Policies 1. Each lab period will start with a brief quiz that may cover material from current or previous laboratories or course lectures. Therefore, the lab should be read before coming to the section meeting. 2. You are required to be in attendance at the beginning of each lab. A quiz will be given during the first ten minutes. You will receive a zero for the quiz if you miss it. 3. You must stay until the end of your lab section or until you hand your completed lab to the TA. You may leave early if your lab is completely finished and handed in. Otherwise, your individual lab report score will be reduced at a rate of ten points per hour for any time that you miss from the lab (coming late, leaving early, McDonalds...
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lab0 - Purdue University: ECE438 - Digital Signal...

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