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Unformatted text preview: Purdue University: ECE438 - Digital Signal Processing with Applications 1 1 Matlab Review All lab tasks in the ECE438 lab will be performed in Matlab. Matlab (matrix laboratory) is a technical computing environment for numerical analysis, matrix computation, signal processing, and graphics. The sections below will review some of its basic functions. Some short tutorials are also available here . 2 Matlab Help The following is a list of links to on-line Matlab help files: audio How to load, play and write audio cputime How to time a routine fft Computing the Fast Fourier Transform filter Apply a linear constant-coefficient difference equation functions Writing Matlab functions hist Obtain a histogram of data image Displaying Images in Matlab load Loading .mat files mesh 3-D Plots of Matricies meshgrid Creating a grid for mesh normpdf Obtain the Gaussian density function plot How to plot vectors / CT-signals print How to print random Generating random sequences firpm Generate an equiripple filter scripts How to write .m-files Simulink Simulink specgram Obtaining a spectrogram stem How to obtain a stem plot of DT-signals subplot Plotting several functions in one figure 2.1 Starting Matlab and Getting Help...
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mathelp - Purdue University ECE438 Digital Signal...

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