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rules - 8 Policy for background jobs(a All background jobs...

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Purdue University: Video and Image Systems Engineering (VISE) 1 VISE Laboratory Rules October 6, 2010 Contact Numbers: Prof. Allebach 765/494-3535 Prof. Bouman 765/494-0340 Prof. Delp 765/494-1740 The following rules should be observed at all times: 1. Use the laboratory responsibly at all times, and be considerate of others who are using it. 2. Students are not authorized to reboot VISE computers. 3. VISE printers are to be used only for VISE related activities. Unauthorized use of printers will result in loss of laboratory access. 4. No drinking, eating or smoking in the lab. 5. Do not write on tables or computers. 6. Do not adjust or calibrate equipment. 7. Do not leave the screens locked out for any extended period of time.
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Unformatted text preview: 8. Policy for background jobs: (a) All background jobs must be “niced”. Do this using the command nice mycommand & (b) Each student may only run 1 background job per machine. (c) Each student may only run background jobs on a maximum of 4 machines. 9. Do not use TV or VCR equipment without permission of Prof. Delp. 10. Please report abuses to Prof. Allebach 43535 or Prof. Bouman 40340. Questions or comments concerning this laboratory should be directed to Prof. Charles A. Bouman, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Purdue University, West Lafayette IN 47907; (765) 494-0340; [email protected]
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