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ECE 270 Introduction to Digital System Design Spring 2012 LAB NOTEBOOK EVALUATION Name: _____________________________________ Date of Evaluation: __________ As stated in Section 6 of the Lab Policies and Procedures document, each student is required to maintain a laboratory notebook in ECE 270. This notebook should contain copies of each lab experiment, all pertinent reference documents, and all instructor-verified lab work that has been completed. Notebooks should also be well organized (with “tabs” between the material compiled for each experiment) and include the “official” cover sheet (provided on the Lab Experiments web page). Formal lab notebook evaluations will take place during Lab 7 and your Lab Practical Exam (given the last week of classes at your scheduled lab meeting time), so BE SURE TO BRING YOUR LAB NOTEBOOK WITH YOU. Failure to submit your lab notebook at the beginning of either Lab 7 or your Lab Practical Exam will result in a score of ZERO
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