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Rules and Regulations Governing Use of ECE 270 Introduction to Digital System Design Lab (Room EE 65) 1. This lab must remain locked unless an ECE 270 staff member is present. 2. ECE 270 students may only enter and use this facility when an ECE 270 staff member is present. 3. No food, drink, or smoking is permitted in lab ever . 4. The phone in lab may only be used for emergencies. 5. No equipment may be removed from lab or rearranged within the lab. 6. Students using the lab are responsible for keeping it neat , clean , and orderly
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Unformatted text preview: . 7. Students using the lab are responsible for promptly reporting equipment problems. 8. Writing on or otherwise defacing the lab furnishings is prohibited. 9. Sitting on anything other than the chairs provided is prohibited, and placing feet on anything other than the floor is prohibited. 10. Locking of computers is prohibited. Any violation of these rules and regulations will result in loss of access to this facility outside of scheduled lab periods. A “zero-tolerance” policy will be applied....
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