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ECE 270 Introduction to Digital System Design Spring 2012 - 1 - COURSE POLICIES AND PROCEDURES Course Description: An introduction to digital logic design and hardware engineering with an emphasis on practical design techniques and circuit implementation. Purpose of Course: ECE 270 serves as a prerequisite for upper-division Computer Engineering courses (e.g., ECE 337, ECE 362, ECE 437, ECE 477). It provides sophomore-level students with a basic overview of digital hardware engineering. Many concepts and techniques introduced in this course will be expanded and utilized in upper-division Computer Engineering courses. Required Background: Basic understanding of circuits (voltage, current, Ohm’s Law) and electrical components (resistors, capacitors, switches, diodes, MOSFETs). ECE 270 is not recommended for students having little or no background in physics and/or basic electronics. Course Web Site URL: https://engineering.purdue.edu/ece270 Course E-mail Address: [email protected] Course Format: Two course formats will be available this semester: (a) Traditional Lecture (CRN 40775), which will meet MWF 4:30-5:20 PM in CIVL 1144. (b) Directed Problem Solving (CRN 17132), which will meet at the times indicated on the Course Calendar in HICKS B848 (4:30-5:20 PM) for the directed problem solving sessions; also, as scheduled on designated Fridays for exams. For this division, “virtual (on-line) lecture” will be done on an arrange hour basis. During the first week of class, you will be given an opportunity to choose the course format that you feel best matches your learning style (see the course web site for supporting references). Note that division changes must be done through MyPurdue , and that space available in each division is limited. Starting the second week of classes, you must consistently attend the lecture division in which you have enrolled. Text: Digital Design Principles and Practices – 4th Ed., John F. Wakerly, Prentice Hall, 2005 (this text is also used as a reference in ECE 362 and ECE 477). Your learning will be maximized if you read the text assignments prior to coming to lecture. Materials Required for Purchase: In addition to the course text listed above, you will need to purchase the following materials: iClicker Student Response Unit (available at bookstores) DK-1 Parts Kit (available at www.elexp.com/purdue.htm ) BB-1 Breadboard Kit (available at www.elexp.com/purdue.htm ) TK-1 Tool Kit (available at www.elexp.com/purdue.htm ) PK-1 Prototype Kit (available at www.elexp.com/purdue.htm ) PS-5 Power Supply Kit (available at www.elexp.com/purdue.htm ) Lecture Notes: “skeleton” versions of the class lecture notes (referred to as a Lecture Workbook ) are posted on the course web site. Each student will be responsible for printing his/her own copy of these materials and bringing them to class.
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ECE 270 Introduction to Digital System Design Spring 2012 -
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pols_and_pros - ECE 270 Introduction to Digital System...

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