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Unformatted text preview: ECE 270 Introduction to Digital System Design Fall 2011 TakeHomaWork for Module 4 – Due October 24 Implement a “dorm-room alarm” that accommodates eight sensor inputs, labeled S0 through S7 , plus an ARM/DISARM pushbutton than can be used to “toggle” the state of the alarm system (a GREEN LED should be illuminated if the system is armed, and a YELLOW LED should be illuminated if the system is disarmed). If any sensors are asserted while the alarm is armed, the number of the highest sensor input asserted should be displayed on a 7-segment LED and a RED LED (that indicates the alarm has been tripped) should start blinking (at a 1 Hz rate, based on a clock signal provided by the function generator). The RED LED should stop blinking when the alarm is disarmed, and the 7-segment display should be blank (the 7-segment display should also be blank if the alarm is armed and none of the sensor inputs are asserted). Draw a Moore model for the “arm/disarm” state machine, and a separate Moore model for the “alarm tripped” state...
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