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CSE 1720 Lecture 3 Aggregation, Graphics Announcements: labs this week: – preparation for labtest #1; sample problems/tasks – guided demo: gesture tracking (MaxMSP) labs next week: – labtest #1 – given a description of some shape- and string-based images, implement the drawing using the services of Graphics2D – analogous to labtest #2 from cse1710 (which was based on pixel-based image modiFcation) 2 Goals/ To do: How to create, copy, and delegate to aggregates example aggregates: Pixel , Picture , Graphics2D Create, modify, and iterate over collections Implement traversal over a collection Implement search within a collection Use services of Graphics2D for drawing Goals/ To understand: recognize aggregates from their APIs characterize and distinguish between two traversal techniques distinguish between aliases, shallow copies, and deep copies of aggregrates understand the characteristics of the “current settings” graphical model 3 This module: 2-3 lectures background material: – Ch 8, JBA – Excerpts from other sources on website if/when they arise – CSE1710 ±11 Notes: Lectures 8, 9 4
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Quick Review: Basic Anatomy of a Class a class has members (aka “features”): – methods – attributes features can be private or public – the attributes that clients can access are called Felds method signatures must be unique – not only the method names, but also the parameter list – signature does not include the return attribute names must be unique When you use the services of a class, the compiler checks: – does the signature (or the attribute name ) match what is in the class deFnition? 5 RQ2.1-2.10 Quick Review: Method vs Attribute 6 RQ2.1-2.10 What is a method? performs some action
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