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CSE 1720 Lecture 8 Inheritance, II Announcements: Lectures 7-10 assigned reading: Ch 9, JBA Preparation for Labtes#2: – you will be asked to construct a generic collection of Shape objects – you will be asked to iterate over the elements of the collection – you will be asked to implement a condition on the basis of the type of the elements e.g., iterate over the Shapes, draw each one as an unFlled shape except the Ellipse2D objects, which should be drawn as Flled 2 Goals/ To do: Good practices for the declaration and instantiation of objects within a class hierarchy Take advantage of polymorphism when desiging apps Create, modify, and iterate over a collection of Shapes ; use services of Graphics2D for manipulating and/or operating upon the shape objects Goals/ To understand: understand a class in terms of its position within a hierarchy understand the Object class in terms of its position at the top of the class hierarchy recognize and understand subclass features from their APIs distinguish between early and late binding understand and distinguish among non-primitive types deFned by: classes , abstract classes and interfaces . understand generic collections 3 Recap the methods deFned in a child class fall under the following categories: – new methods; methods deFned in the child class only and not deFned in parent – inherited methods; methods deFned in the parent class and thus also available to child instances – overridden methods; methods deFned in the parent class and also deFned in the child class; the child class provides another version of the method functionality that overrides the parent’s method functionality 4
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Binding Binding refers to the process of resolving an expression. resolve locate the referent of an identiFer – recall an identifer means a variable, method or class name – the reFerent means the thing that the identiFer stands for the referent of a variable is its value
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CSE1720_F11_Lecture08_Inheritance_II.pptx - Announcements...

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