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CSE 1720 Lecture 9 Inheritance, III Topics object serialization transformation of drawing space (rotate, shear, …) 2 Transient vs Persistent Representation of Objects we already know and understand that the VM makes use of heap space, which is transient memory transient since it lasts only as long as the program executes Objects represented in heap space are transient; when the app terminates, the object’s lifecycle will come to an end what if we want our program to make use of more persistent storage? what are our options? – we must read/write to a Fle 3 Object Serialization as we know, each object has its state, that is the values of each of its non-primitive attributes (“set 1”) – the value of each of these non-primitive attributes is an object, which itself has a state (“set 2”) – the values of each of the non-primitive attributes of the aggregated objects may in turn have state (“set 3”) – and so on… this recursion will ultimately yield attributes that are primitive or string this process of recursing into the attributes is called serializing so to save an object means to serialize it 4
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CSE1720_F11_Lecture09_Inheritance_III.pptx - Topics CSE...

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