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.. 1. What does "good packaging" of the project entail? Can we use the buttons on the controller board? Do we need to put the whole setup into a plastic box and fill it with epoxy? Can we use the breadboard, or do we need fancier wiring? Yes, you may use the buttons on the docking module, but we're always more impressed if you "use your own" (mount them in a box and wire them up). Plastic boxes are good, cardboard boxes are not (do us all a favor and refrain from cardboard box use - you'll be glad you did!). Lose the epoxy, though. .. Yes, you can use a breadboard, but you'll most likely be "sorry" because, in moving your design around, wires are likely to pull out and you'll be wasting a bunch of time/effort trying to figure out where they go. 2. Is there any oracle we can consult about how many "quality points" we would get for a particular project idea and adjust our project scope accordingly? (Originality/Creativity/Effective Use criteria)
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