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MUS186 concert2 - Jake Stern MUS 186 Concert Report#2...

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Jake Stern MUS 186 12/9/2012 Concert Report #2 Avicii On Monday, October 24, 2011, I attended the Avicii concert. It was held at Madison Theater on Covington, Kentucky at 9:00 PM. At this concert there were no reports or programs and I talked to you about it and you said this was okay. Tim Bergling, the 22-year-old Swedish DJ, chose the stage name Avicii because when he was deciding on a name his first six choices were already taken and his friend told him that the word “Avici” meant the “lowest level of Buddhist hell”, so he chose that. Avicii’s music genre is classified as house music or electro house music. Tim Berg creates music using only his computer. Madison Theater had a club type set up. There was a stage at the front of the room and everyone was standing up in front of the stage and throughout the room. There is also a balcony, where there is seating, but throughout this particular concert people were standing the entire time. There was a disco ball in the center of the ceiling and a giant set of speakers on each side of the stage. The capacity of Madison Theater is about one thousand two hundred people. On stage Avicii, accompanied by 2 friends, had a mixing table and his computer. The atmosphere was very loud and much different than the Global Rhythms concert I went to. The crowd was completely different between the two concerts. At the Avicii concert, I didn’t see one adult the entire night, whereas as the
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MUS186 concert2 - Jake Stern MUS 186 Concert Report#2...

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