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Jake Stern 9/30/2011 MUS 123 Internet Project 1 I chose country music as my music genre because it has always been my favorite music to listen to. Country music has always been the music that puts me in a good mood and are the concerts I enjoy going to most. As country music continues to increase, so has the amount of artists and websites, which allowed me to have a variety of sources to choose from. 1.) My first website is the ultimate website for country music fans. Whether you’re looking for new music, videos, news, pictures, or anything else from your favorite country artist, CMT has it all. CMT offers everything you could possibly want to know about what’s going on in the country music world today. They offer videos and pictures of recent concerts as well as videos and interviews from the biggest country singers around the country. Country Music Television is owned by MTV, therefore has links all over their site that lead you to MTV and their other websites. They also like to stay current in the social networking world and have links to connect with them through Facebook and Twitter. CMT’s targets country music lovers of all ages and genders. (September 19, 2011, 5:24 pm). 2.) I chose Darius Rucker’s website as my next website because he is my favorite artist. offers videos, pictures, blogs, and news on Darius Rucker. It is also the place to go if you are looking to buy tickets or just look for concert locations and dates. They have a store that has everything from Darius Rucker clothes to Darius Rucker mugs. They also offer their fans with a radio tab that broadcasts live music from around the country that allows fans to listen to Darius Rucker songs at all times. Fans can connect with through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Myspace, Eventful, and Mozes and receive news and updates on Darius Rucker. The site is very well designed and draws attention with their unique backgrounds and videos. Fans looking to learn more about Darius Rucker’s life can visit the “About” tab on the website that offers a brief background on his recent music success. Darius Rucker also uses his website to get in touch with his fans by posting thank you videos and videos of future events. (September 19, 2011, 5:42 pm). 3.) is the place for all music lovers to find almost anything they are looking for about what’s going on in the music world today or in the past. Billboard offers the top two hundred songs of all genres as well as the top thirty songs of each genre, including country. They also have news, videos, and reviews of America’s top artists. targets not only country music fans, but fans of all genres.
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MUS186 project 1 - Jake Stern MUS 123 Internet Project 1 I...

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