As a ball travels in an arc does the gravitational

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Unformatted text preview: ce change? Spring 2008 12 UCSD Physics 10 An Example of the Reductionist Approach By breaking the motion into independent parts, analysis is simplified! The horizontal and vertical motions are independent Spring 2008 13 UCSD Physics 10 Components of Motion Break the motion into 2 aspects, "components" Horizontal Vertical Is there a force acting in the horizontal direction? Is there a force acting in the vertical direction? Does the ball accelerate in the horizontal direction? Does its horizontal velocity change? Does the ball accelerate in the vertical direction? Does its vertical velocity change? Spring 2008 14 UCSD Physics 10 Projectile Motion All objects released at the same time (with no vertical initial velocity) will hit the ground at the same time, regardless of their horizontal velocity The horizontal velocity remains constant throughout the motion (since there is no horizontal force) Spring 2008 15 UCSD Physics 10 Some Exercises A ball falls from rest for 4 seconds. Neglecting air resistance, during which of the 4 seconds does the ball's speed incr...
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