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Acceleration by a time units of acceleration are ms2

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Unformatted text preview: ty Spring 2008 22 UCSD Physics 10 Summary Velocity refers to both speed and direction Acceleration means a change in velocity Mass is a property of objects that represents their reluctance to accelerate If an object is accelerating, it's being acted on by an unbalanced force, and F = ma Gravity causes all objects to suffer the same acceleration, regardless of their mass or composition Gravitational acceleration only affects the vertical component of motion think in terms of components Spring 2008 23 UCSD Physics 10 Assignments HW 2: due Friday (4/18): Hewitt 11.E.16, 11.E.20, 11.E.32, 11.P.5, 2.E.6, 2.E.11, 2.E.14, 2.E.36, 2.E.38, 3.E.4, 3.E.5, 3.E.6, 3.E.19 turn in at lecture, or in box outside SERF 336 by 3PM Read Hewitt Chapters 2, 3, 4 suggested order/skipping detailed on website Spring 2008 24...
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