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12_movies - UCSD Physics 10 Hollywood vs Physics Why...

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Unformatted text preview: UCSD Physics 10 Hollywood vs. Physics Why knowledge of physics ruins many a movie UCSD Physics 10 People Like to Make Things Up Hollywood producers never took Physics 10 It shows At least hire consultants Otherwise you just have to pull ideas out of... thin air UCSD Physics 10 The Good Eggs Despite the general lack of care/concern for physics in movies, a few get things outstandingly right! 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968, before moon landings!) 2010 sequel to 2001 Modern Star Trek movies get a lot of the details right but by no means all... Get seat-belts for gracious sake! Most movies in which they let Mother Nature take care of the choreography, things work out well It's the rigged-up stunt scenes where things go wrong UCSD Physics 10 The Rotten Eggs Though entertaining (and I like some of these), among the most guilty betrayers of physics are: Armageddon! (at the top of the list for a reason) Mummy movies Cliffhanger (couldn't even bear the previews) Mission Impossible (either one) Speed (fun, but wrong) Mel Gibson, Schwarzenegger, James Bond movies Interesting case study: Armageddon vs. Deep Impact Deep Impact hired science consultants and did okay UCSD Physics 10 Themes of physics misrepresentation Everything goes BOOM, and explodes in huge fireball Real life more often just crunches (we're not loaded with dynamite) Momentum seldom conserved Bullet sends victim flying out window, shooter remains motionless Hearing sound in space no air to carry sound waves Seeing laser beams in space What are they reflecting off of? Is it smoky? Aerodynamic spaceships, airplane-like maneuvering Exploding rather than imploding submarines Fake props: wrong inertia properties Raiders of the Lost Arc: swiped huge gold statue like it was nothing! UCSD Physics 10 Movie Examples... Goldeneye, catch up to airplane Terminal velocity of human: 50 m/s, up to 70 m/s if you reduce your effective area by a factor of two Terminal velocity of plane in dive configuration: 75-80 m/s (more with engine at full power) Got a late start, too... Also problem pulling out of dive! UCSD Physics 10 Calculations relating to selected scenes Speed, bus jump 150-200 ft, level (call it 45 m) bus at 30 m/s (67 mph): takes 1.5 seconds to cross drops 11 m (36 ft) in 1.5 s could work, at 15-20 degree launch angle, no air drag UCSD Physics 10 Websites & Assignments Websites www.space.com/opinionscolumns/opinions/plait_000217.html www.badastronomy.com/ Assignments HW for 2/11: Hewitt 7.E.42, 7.P.9, 6.R.16, 6.R.19, 6.R.22, 6.R.23, 6.E.8, 6.E.12, 6.E.43, 6.P.6, 6.P.12, 8.R.29, 8.E.47, 8.P.9, plus two more problems accessible from assignments website ...
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