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SITXHRM004 Recruit, select and induct staff
Identify recruitment needs 1.1 Identify recruitment needs based on monitoring of service and efficiency levels in the organisation
Identifying recruitment needs Ø The need for new staff members can be identified through monitoring service and efficiency levels in the workplace Ø Different workplace problems may need different recruitment solutions Ø Your recruitment needs will vary according to the goal or issue you are tackling.
Different recruitment needs Types of employment may include: Ø Project related Ø Casual Ø Contract Ø Full time Ø Part time Ø Permanent Ø Temporary Ø Volunteer.
Observing internal environment Internal factors may include the goals and objectives that have been set out by senior figures. By understanding what you want to achieve, and the current skillset of employees, you should be able to identify the gap in skills that is required in order to meet targets.
Changes in the competitive environment The competitive environment may refer to if you are experiencing increased competition, such as if new businesses are joining the industry, or if one of your competitors is taking an increasing share of the market. Facing increased competition might force you to recruit new individuals to remain profitable.
Activity 1A
Identify recruitment needs 1.2 Consult colleagues about staffing needs and job descriptions
Discussing with colleagues The colleagues you communicate with may be: Ø Personnel department Ø Your superiors Ø Budgeting department Ø Relevant manager(s) Ø Relevant staff.
Job descriptions You need to include two different types of information: Ø What you are looking for in candidates: o what skills you need o what knowledge you need. Ø Information the candidates need: o rates of pay o hours and working times.
Activity 1B
Identify recruitment needs 1.3 Obtain approval for recruitment according to organisational recruitment policies
Obtaining approval This may include: Ø Approval processes for: o advertised salaries o recruitment of new personnel Ø Nature and content of: o communications with applicants o job advertisements Ø Required skills profile of potential employees: o certified in skills that meet licensing requirements.