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Unformatted text preview: Nick Poggetti Application Dossier Company Research Job #1 Company: Tapulous, Inc. 1) Type of business: Visual and interactive design company 2) Ownership structure : corporation: subsidiary of Disney; private, for profit 3) Function: Designs and develops iPhone applications; program development 4) Specific goods or services: iPhone applications including games and music apps 5) Size: 1 location, about 30 employees 6) Financial Status: The apps they create are paid applications, and they have had numerous number 1 applications on the iPhone app store. According to Business Week, Tapulous earns approximately 1 million dollars in revenue per month. 7) Competition : Epic Games, Chillingo, Electronic Arts 8) development/growth history : Subsidiary of Disney Interactive Media Group, has grown with the iPhone. They have been developing apps and expanding as the iPhone does. With each upgrade of the phone, newer and more advanced games come from Tapulous. 9) Management team: a. Bart Decrem(CEO): Bart Decrem is Senior Vice President and General Manager for Disney Mobile, a division of the Disney Interactive Media Group. As CEO, Bart led the long-term strategic vision and development of social games and apps for the iPhone, most notably Tap Tap Revenge, the #1 iPhone game, accounting for over a billion games played to-date and turning Tapulous into a highly profitable company. b. Andrew Lacy(COO): Andrew Lacy is Senior Vice President and Head of Studios for Disney Mobile, a division of the Disney Interactive Media Group. Andrew was the COO and Co-Founder of Tapulous. Andrew managed all business operations and drove the strategic vision and execution behind product development and monetization of social games and apps for the iPhone. c. Jessica Kahn ( VP of Engineering) - Jessica Kahn joined Tapulous in October of 2008 and is its VP of Engineering. Prior to her work at Tapulous, Jessica spent close to 10 years in Software Engineering at Apple, working as both a manager, and an engineer on the Safari team. d. Tim O’Brien (VP of Business Development): Tim O'Brien joined Tapulous in August 2008 as VP of Business Development. With more than 15 years of experience in the music and technology industries, Tim was part of the founding executive team at Gydget, playing a key role in building the Web 2.0 start-up from ground zero. e. Thomas Ream (CFO) - Thomas Ream is Tapulous' Chief Financial Officer. Tom has spent the last ten years as CFO or COO for a number of venture backed companies. Tom has had a wide variety of responsibilities, including finance and accounting, human resources, facilities and legal affairs and even sales and marketing. f. Other notable employees – There were no Santa Clara grads here, but the team looks very tight knit. The way their profiles were presented on the site made the company seem very laid back....
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Application Dossier_nickpoggetti_research - Nick Poggetti...

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