Rome Notes - Outline How had Alexander changed the ancient...

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Outline How had Alexander changed the ancient World? He got control of Asia AR presents him as not a good king, he killed a lot of people I. Rise of Macedonia and Philip II: Resistance is Futile! a. What had Philip accomplished and how had he changed the Greek World? He was a soldier’s general One of the first people to recognize Macedonia’s potential Philip attacked Thrace and brought it under his control, but Athens foiled him He moved against the Chalidian league and eliminated it in a surprise winter campaign II. Alexander: don’t make me angry a. What problems did he face when he became King of Macedon and how did he address or overcome these? He sold everyone into slavery and makes them agree out of fear The monarch were all dynastic, but his elimination of three rivals to the throne quickly resolved that problem Greece changed: cultures would mix, lifestyle would be altered, political system would revert back, soldiers in Alexandria become colonists III. Alexander’s Empire: Resistance is futgile, part 2! a. In Egypt They called him the pharaoh b. Alexandrias (40-70) He founded it in Egypt which would become the most prosperous capital of the Ptolemaic dynasty c. Weddings Had a wedding party for his top four generals to marry Persian women, held in 324; he marries a Persian as well named Roxanne c.i. What was Alexander trying to do? What problems existed between him, his new peoples, and his Greeks? In trying to conquer everything, he is trying to unify everyone People began to disown him as a Greek, they don’t want other bowing to him His troops mutiny, refuse to march so he discharges them d. In the Punjab and the Return His last major campaign was all of India and he didn’t see this as unreasonable When he returned, he found many of his satraps (Greek & Persian) had behaved badly in his absence; he reasserted his control, had a mass wedding, discharged his troops so they would beg for his forgiveness e. Death: “To the Strongest” e.i. What happened after his death and how did the polis culture change? He didn’t leave his empire to anyone in particular IV. Successor States a. Example: Ptolemaic Egypt and Alexandria Ptolemy seized his body and gave it a magnificent tomb in his capital in Alexandria Egypt has the longest life of the successor states V. The Cosmopolitan World: What Happened to the polis ?
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Multiplicity of political forms, most common type was monarchy They preserved the essential polis quality of autonomy VI. How they think: Philosophy and Ethics a. Plato and Aristotle Plato: looking at ideal forms and perfection, what is justice? What does it mean to be good or bad?; difference between the real and ideal worlds; you must use your mind Aristotle: why are things the way they are? Inductive reasoning, observation, how did this come to being? VII.
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Rome Notes - Outline How had Alexander changed the ancient...

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