Rome - Rome I. Myths and legends of Rome's foundations...

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Rome I. Myths and legends of Rome’s foundations Aneas (technically their dad) had the twins Romulus and Remus, evil uncle of the twins took over the city and said whoever is born to your daughter will kill you so he makes her a priestess, but the God of War impregnates her. So the uncle tries to have the kids killed, so he casts them into a river to float away. They get saved and grow up. Romulus kills Remus, and Romulus founds Rome II. The Roman Republic – formed in 509 BCE A. End of monarchy, beginning of republic Slightly oligarchic two officials elected for one year at a time Patricians upper class had complete control of the government Plebeians wanted more involvement, so they used their power in numbers to get their place in the gov. – the tribune Consuls wore a purple stripe on their toga, represented higher power -highest elected office in the republic o Senate – ruling body o Had corruption between 300-100, about 20 families monopolizing it o The forum – people were building a marketplaces, surrounded by religious and political buildings. Public place with all sorts of things going on B. External development - Conquest of Italy – Rome allied with Latins and Greeks and drove drove Etruscans from the Italian peninsula. Italy was also invaded by the Gauls, Gauls just wanted money so they settled in France. This was followed by a war with Romans and Samanites and Romans gained control over all of central Italy. o -Conquest of Carthage – Carthage had greatest naval power of this time. While Rome was expanding south, Carthage was controlling commercial trade in the Mediterranean, and they came into contact and conflict when Rome reached the southern
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Rome - Rome I. Myths and legends of Rome's foundations...

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