SYLLABUS - A Survey of Ancient History Classics 62/History...

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A Survey of Ancient History Classics 62/History 11 Fall 2007 Instructor: Jim Caprio, Ph.D. Class Meeting Place and time: VARSI 231 MWF 10:30-11:35 Office Hours: MWF 2:30 -3:45 or by appointment; 741 Franklin, Office D Email: [email protected] Office Phone: 408 554 5576 C OURSE D ESCRIPTION AND G OALS Classics 62/History 11 offers a comparison of several ancient civilizations and the important intellectual, political, religious, and social advancements of the ancient world. As a survey course, we will cover a lot of ground - roughly 4,000 years of history – and will be studying several cultures including those of Mesopotamia, Egypt, the Middle East, Greece, and Rome. We will begin the semester investigating the rise of city-states in the Tigris-Euphrates river valley and then, the Egyptian world under the Pharaohs. Next, we move through the height of the Greek civilization from the fall of Troy to the death of Socrates and the conquests of Alexander. We will end the semester with the rise and fall of The Roman Republic, the glory of The Empire, and the emergence of Christianity and The Byzantine Empire. In addition to examining past cultures, one of the objectives of this course is to promote an understanding of the historical process and to develop the skills essential to historical inquiry. So, we will analyze primary documents, evaluate alternative interpretations, and present our views in an intelligent and clear manner. The challenge to the student is to discern for themselves the historical developments and to identify the central issues and solutions inherent in them. R EQUIRED T EXTS Nagle , Brendan. The Ancient World: A Social and Cultural History (6th Edition) (Paperback). Prentice Hall, 2005. ( AW on the syllabus ) Nagle , Brendan and Stanley Burstein . The Ancient World: Readings in Social and Cultural History (3rd Edition) (Paperback) Prentice Hall, 2005. (AR on the syllabus) Supplementary Readings: I will supply handouts for certain sections and for others, there will be additional online readings. If you are unable to access the Internet or do not have a computer please speak with me or, you may come by my office and borrow a copy. R EQUIREMENTS Midterm exam 30% Final exam 30% 2 Short Essays 20% 2 Quizzes 20% Comment on the Requirements Format of Midterm and Final: Short Answers and Identification. The Final is not comprehensive and will cover the material after the mid-term. The Short Essays: 2-3 pages, Typed (please), double-spaced, 1-inch margins, 12 pt. font. Each short essay will be based on the reading for that unit and will allow students to use and analyze the primary sources. We will go over the essay topics together at least three class periods prior to the due date.
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SYLLABUS - A Survey of Ancient History Classics 62/History...

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