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Beowulf Final Essay - Nick Poggetti Final Essay(prompt 1...

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Nick Poggetti March 19, 2008 Final Essay (prompt 1) The Ever-Changing Views of Power Power and heroism are viewed differently by significant historical figures and their followers. The time period one resided in decided what characteristics and traits were necessary in order to be a leader in society. Bravery, honor, and strength are attributes that could describe Beowulf. Beowulf began as a gifted warrior and developed into a beloved king. The people Beowulf commanded respected him, and looked up to him. In his era, Beowulf was able to accomplish deeds many others could not. He was able to rid the world of Grendel, Grendel’s mother, and with the courageous help of a comrade, a fierce dragon. For these acts, Beowulf was praised. Beowulf’s heroism is one model for leaders to come for centuries. The support and praise Beowulf received from his followers are some of the main reasons he was able to accomplish what he did. While he did the heroic deed of fighting, he was backed by his troops. It was a bond between leader and warrior that allowed for success. Power and heroism evolve throughout history differently depending on the goals of the people in control. Some other examples of leaders include Muhammad and Louis XIV. Both these men took people during their time and led them with completely different strategies. Muhammad founded the basis teachings for Islam and brought a new outlook on religion. Louis XIV used his power as king to
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Beowulf Final Essay - Nick Poggetti Final Essay(prompt 1...

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