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Black Death Discussion Questions - Nick Poggetti Black...

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Nick Poggetti Black Death Discussion Questions Section I 1. How did famine help to condition (economically and socially) Europe for the Black Death? The famine was changing the lifestyles of Europeans. With less food and a diet that wasn’t supplemented with a proper amount of nutrients will weaken the immune system. With a weak immune system, the disease invaded a new host’s (humans) body with ease. The people would also eat just about anything because of the starvation, which left them even more unhealthy and susceptible. 2. What relation exists between population and resources in the Middle Ages? How did the Black Death alter that relationship? In the 11 th century, population seemed to be at a steady increase in the middle ages, and they had a hard time keeping the population fed. In order to accommodate the increasing population and food demand, they expanded, cleared forests, and made more farmland available. They often found hardships due to harsh weather and natural disasters, which led to famines and worse. Peasants could not do much about the famines and natural disasters, but the Black Death left them absolutely helpless. Section II 1. What methods did cities/communities employ to deal with and manage the plague? The cities and communities tried a variation of different tactics to attempt a halt on the plague. For example, they would quarantine cities. “No sick person shall enter a city of he came from ‘contaminated parts’…lock up those houses who had been
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Black Death Discussion Questions - Nick Poggetti Black...

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