FINAL REVIEW TERMS FULL - History 12 Final Identifications...

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Unformatted text preview: History 12 Final Identifications 18/03/2008 12:47:00 Diocletian : military figure in Rome, created tetrarchy Broke up Rome to East and West. Divisions/provinces called dioceses. Constantine : Eastern Augustus in 312. Become sole ruler of Rome in 324. Moves capital to Constantinople First emperor to build Christian Church o Passed Edict of Milan o Christians are growing, he converts. Tetrarchy : 4 ruler system in Rome. 2 Augustuses rule East and West. Each Augustus assisted by a Caesar. Constantinople: new capital of Roman Empire. Modern day Istanbul Edict of Milan : Formal toleration of the Christian Church Heresy : Beliefs or actions that go against the doctrine of the church. Donatists: humans are sinful, any sacrament delivered by a priest in sin is invalid Arianists: Believe Jesus was human, not divine Visigoths : Germanic Tribe that settled in Roman territory. Under King Alaric, they sack Rome seeking better treatment They receive money, not land, and they migrate to South France Vandals : East Germanic Tribe that lived in Roman Territory Ostrogoths : Took over Rome and Visogoths with King Theodoric. Also attacked Constantinople. No leaderships after Theodoric dies in 526, chaos develops. Theodoric : Ostrogothic King Clovis : Frankish leader 482-511 Gained support from Catholic Church by converting Catholic Church eager to gain friendship of a Germanic ruler. Franks : Group of People in modern day France, a warrior, rural society, did not trade much. Kingdom split up after Clovis leaves in to three territories: Austrasia, Burgundy, Neustria. Charles Martel : Mayor of the House in Austrasia Mayor of the House is the stand in leader, when king is absent Military leader at the battle of Tours, Franks defeat Muslims o Stops Muslim advancement into Europe Wergeld : The value of an individual, based on social class and gender in Germanic society Emphasis on women, and their birth status. Pregnant most valuable Comitatus : The bond for a Germanic Warrior and his lord. Ensures neither lord nor warrior leaves the battle without one another St. Augustine : Benedictine Monk, first Archbishop of Canterbury. Layed down foundation of Monasticism, believed celibacy was way to become United with god. Petrine Supremacy : The idea that Peter was the Supreme Apostle, and that Jesus left the church to him. He was first bishop of Rome Basis that Pope has power over the entire church, because he is in the line of peter, and accepted by Jesus. Gregory the Great...
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FINAL REVIEW TERMS FULL - History 12 Final Identifications...

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