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History Study Guide - First Crusade- Most successful. Took...

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First Crusade- Most successful. Took Muslims by surprise. The rest considered pretty much failures. Germ warfare, plague, leprosy. -Development on Knight orders, Templar, Teutonic, Hosplitars Third Crusade - Knights of first crusade became robber barons in near east, Battle of Hattin 1187 – Saladin Muslim victory over Christian Knights -Saladin (quickly takes back holy lands, Acre, Jerusalem Crusades led by Frederick Barbarossa (HRE), Richard I (England), Philip Augustus (France) - Barbarossa dies drowning while crossing a river, Many Germans go home, - Philip Augustus a pussy, not great leader, Richard I charismatic, charming still not enough to defeat the great Saladin. - Saladin dies eventually, Middle East in Complete disarray, spurs new but still unsuccessful crusades. Crusades had little long term affect on middle east. Increased contact with Islam Islam comes to Europe Allowed for growth of monarchies stabilization of Europe Italy gains major profit Increased ideas of intolerance and frequency of violence in response to intolerance Albegensians/Cathars - Dualists, Body (Evil) vs. Spirit (Good, Holy) - Considered heretics and hunted down by Christian church. (burnt at the stake) William The Conqueror - French Born, Successor to Duke of Normandy, Claimed inheritance to lands of Great Britain. Eventually became king of England as well as Duke of Normandy Domesday Book - Survey commissioned by William the conqueror of all of England, Possessions, livestock, gave insight into the lives of the medieval English Henry II – King of England, after William, develops bureaucracy, office of Echequer, treasury, expansion of the use of common law, Thomas A Becket- Henry II’s intellectual equal, friend, Archbishop of Canterbury, Henry accidentally told knights to murder Thomas,
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History Study Guide - First Crusade- Most successful. Took...

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