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History Study Sheet

History Study Sheet - Review Sheet History 12 First Exam...

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Review Sheet –History 12 – First Exam Diocletian – a big military man that rose to power in Roman Empire. Realizes the danger of insurgents. Reformat how government is organized created the tetrarchy. He was the Augustus of the East Empire. Eventually broke down Roman Empire into provinces, smaller territories. Constantine – after Diocletian steps down there is a power struggle and Constantine gains control. He dissolved Diocletian’s division of rulers. He established capital in Constantinople. Began building program in Rome and Constantinople. First emperor in Roman Empire to build churches Vatican built under his guidance. Christians began to have a larger role in empire. Saw himself as Gods representative on earth Tetrarchy – 2 halves, the West and the East empire. People who rule one of thee halves are Augustuses. The Augustuses are assisted by caesars who a re 2 nd in command. 4 people ruling the Roman Empire (2 East, 2 West) Caesars take over when the Augustus step down. Constantinople - City of Constantinople was well protected by walls and could not be penetrated best army and naval fleet. Women are segregated Edict of Milan – Constantine made Christianity the tolerated religion of the empire. Heresy – nontraditional beliefs. Dontalsim if a priest is a sinner anything they administer is invalid. Arianism more dominant; Jesus was good and holy, but NOT divine. Visigoths – major problem to Roman world pushed out of where they were by the Huns. Asked emperor to settle in Roman territory. Romans treated them terribly and they revolted. Roman army sent to revolt and Visigoths win battle. Huge military and psychological blow to Roman empire. Ask for land from Rome and refused – they sack the city. Leader dies and they are no longer threat – no unity between tribes. Vandals – the only Germanic tribe that was pushed out by the Huns to consistently stay hostile to the Romans and sacked Rome. Ostrogoths – Attack Constantinople but convinced to attack Rome. Set themselves on the throne of Rome but maintain Roman government and tradition. Synthesis between Romanic & Germanic traditions. No clear strong leadership once Ostrogoth king dies. Theodoric – the Ostrogothic king, had received a Roman education while hostage in Constantinople. Took control on Italy and was eager to create a synthesis of Ostrogothic and Roman practices. Created separate systems of rule for Ostrogoths and Romans. Clovis – started the Franks. Influenced by wife and mom to convert to Christianity. Defender of the Catholic faith. After his death his son divided the kingdom into 3 territories. Franks – started by Clovis. Created Merovingian Dynasty. Conversion of Clovis paves the way for Franks to convert to Christianity.
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