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Review Sheet –History 12 – First Exam Diocletian Constantine Tetrarchy Constantinople Edict of Milan Heresy Visigoths Vandals Ostrogoths Theodoric Clovis Franks Charles Martel Wergeld Comitatus St.Augustine Petrine Supremacy Gregory the Great Monasticism St. Benedict of Nursia St. Patrick Boniface Byzantium Justinian Theodora Greek Fire Procopius Secret History Hagia Sophia Allah Muhammad Ka’ba Mecca Medina Qur’an Hegira Jihad Shi’ites Sunnites Merovingians Carolingian Renn. Pepin Charles the Great (Charlemagne) Scriptoria Palace Schools Charles the Bald Louis the German Lothar Magyars Vikings Feudalism Vassalage Fiefs Manor/Manorialism Knights Slavs 3 Field System Eleanor of Aquitaine Chivalry 3 Orders Flanders Guilds University of Bologna Liberal arts (trivium, quadrivium) Scholasticism Thomas Aquinas Vernacular Saint Denis Abbot Suger Clunaic Reform Gregory VII Henry IV Investiture Controversy Innocent III Cistercians Bernard of Clairvaux Hildegard von Bingen St. Francis of Assisi Dominic de Guzman Bubonic Plague Relics Seljuk Turks Battle of Manzikert Pope Urban II Council of Clermont First Crusade
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History_12_Review_Sheet_Winter_2008 - Review Sheet History...

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