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Nick Poggetti Trickster Travels Discussion Questions 1. What is the significance of naming in the story of our protagonist? How do his different names reflect on his experiences, his geographical placement and his relation to others? The significance of the naming of the naming of our protagonist had to do with where he was in his life and what he was doing. It also had to do with who surrounded him. He writing changed with his audience. His named changed with his religion. When he was in the Muslim world he was known as Al-hazzan al wasan. His baptized name was Joanes Leo, but the author never referred to him as this. He gave himself the name Yuhanna Al hassad, showing that he never broke his ties from Islam. 2. Al-Wazzan (our protagonist) lived a liminal existence. How did he navigate (socially, culturally, religiously) two very different, and frequently at odds worlds? Our protagonist was always in between the two religions because he never committed fully to Christianity. However he still liked being around it because there was much to learn about it. He
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Trickster_Travels_Discussion_Questions - Nick Poggetti...

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