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E-Commerce Mktg —Name: Nick Poggetti 645883 Complete by Class time Sept 23, 2010 - <students are requested to submit their hw as a printed output of a pc/mac; this way you will have a saved copy of what you turn in.> Part 1. Research buying the 6th edition of our Reference textbook : e-Commerce , by Laudon, Traver 6th edition (2010) ISBN 978013610057-7 Pearson Prentice Hall i) Research online to identify 3 places you can get it online? The total price including shipping? Where can you get it? When can you get it? A) Amazon.com - $136 new, $99 used. Next day shipping available B) Abebooks.com - $48 dollars, 4-14 days later C) Chegg.com - $66, 6-10 days later ii) What options do you have for getting the ‘reference’ textbook ? I wasn’t given the option to obtain the reference textbook. iii) What are 3 elements that make up the total price of buying a book online from Walmart? A) Price of actual book B) Shipping speed C) Tax iv) What is nexus --in the context of buying or selling a book online? How does ‘nexus’ affect online purchases? Put your answer into a complete sentence:
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hw.from.class_1.ecmktg - E-Commerce Mktg -Name: Nick...

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