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Nick Poggetti September 28, 2010 HW 2 MKTG 175 1. Small Businesses a. Caterers b. Hotels c. Zoos d. Coal Mining e. Fishing f. Ranching g. Funeral Homes h. Dentist Offices i. Flight Training j. Tutoring k. Optometrist Offices l. Physician Offices m. Pension Funds n. Sales Financing o. Securities Dealing I used the internet as a source to find these jobs (from a much larger listing of small businesses). I Googled “Small business types” 2. Catering and Tutoring – The measures that can be used is to simply think about how that
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Unformatted text preview: segment works, what can be offered online and to what extent. 3. To me, these two would probably be the two best segments that could be used for online sources. a. Catering, everything could be ordered, organized, and purchased online, and then all that would be left would be to deliver the service. b. For tutoring, technology now would allow for online tutoring as well as postings for the service offering....
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