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mktg 175 hw2

mktg 175 hw2 - subscription model requiring a monthly fee 4...

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Nick Poggetti September 28, 2010 HW 2 1. Pbworks.com – what is their primary business model? The subscription model – pay per month 2. Monster.com: business model = ? Explain who provides the revenues and illustrate their payments to Monster. Who provides the changing content to the Monster.com website? Do any visitors pay? The advertising model. They make money similar to how Google does with ad revenue and “premium” special content. Visitors do not pay. 3. Apple’s itunes vs Napster.com - Compare their business models iTunes uses the retail model because they sell each individual song, and Napster uses the
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Unformatted text preview: subscription model requiring a monthly fee. 4. OpenTable.com The advertising model 5. Tripadvisor.com--what is their business model. Who pays them? And when do they pay them(what has to occur for Tripadvisor to get paid.?) Retail model - The hotels and businesses that receive reservations through tripadvisor.com pay them when there is confirmation of a booking 6. Eharmony.com-what is their business model Subscription model, monthly fee...
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