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Nick Poggetti MKTG 181- Kirby April 17 The Many Shades of the Eco-Lohas-Sustainable Green Consumer Two shades include the Green Gauge and the Hartman Report on Sustainability. The Green Gauge developed by Roper gives straightforward names and definitions splitting up the marketplace into simple descriptions. From most active to least it includes True-Blue Greens, Greenback Greens, Sprouts, Grousers, and Apathetics. The report done by Hartman shows how consumers feel about the world and its future. It gives quotes from each group rather than a descritption. From most active to least it includes Radical Engagement, Sustained Optimism,
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Unformatted text preview: Divine Faith, Cynical Pessimism, and Pragmatic Acceptance. I prefer the Hartman Group research because the quotes give me a more of a feel of how the consumer reacts in each category. I feel like I am able to understand the pie chart more fully by knowing what a consumer has to say about the issue of sustainability. While both give excellent, clear and different consumer views on the issue of sustainability, I find the Hartman Group’s research the easiest to understand....
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