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Nick Poggetti Ch. 6 c1 Packaging and the J.N.D. A) My understanding about the j.n.d. with regards to coca-cola’s introduction about the new product showed that consumers are okay with a certain change as long as it doesn’t cross a certain threshold. Consumers were okay with the new product and actually chose it over the old one, but didn’t know about the possible absence of the old product. Once the reintroduction of the old product came out, sales returned to normal B) The Heinz ketchup logo change was introduced to show consumers that the tomatoes are fresh and grown, not pumped with hormones. Heinz also kept the pickle logo around. They
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Unformatted text preview: put it on the cap and also another place on the bottle. The vine that was introduced was to show consumers about the quality of the product, but still stay within the recognizable threshold. C) Tropicana’s attempt to introduce a new brand failed when they got rid of their original orange with a straw design on the juice carton. It failed and they were forced to reinstate the old packaging and bring back the orange with the straw. Tropicana passed the threshold at too much of an extreme amount, forcing them to revert to their original design....
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