1.3.2011 - 1/3/11 Homework- Personalized brand nametag,...

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1/3/11 Homework- Personalized brand nametag, choose a company, go to scu homepage watch the B2B video Review Notes : Someone becomes a customer when you repeatedly satisfy a customer; buys the second time. An exchange is created. Success is measured by profit, market share, growth, shareholders equity, EPS, image/rep, customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, partner satisfaction, contribution to society, product value and quality What is marketing? Traditionally, it was product, price, place, promotion. In 1990s, consumer wants, cost to satisfy, convenience to buy, communication. 2000s, buyer want rule, segment/target (satisfaction, instantly, participation, interaction, engagement), best price (value) anywhere, savings, FREE, buying anytime, anywhere, any way, Branding, publishing, direct communication and availability, accessible, searchable accurate complete info, engagement 1/5/11 Integrated Marketing – the first step toward a successful company; how companies must operate. The whole company working together to achieve the ultimate objective of a satisfied customer. Focusing on and understanding customers needs and wants. Coordinating all components of the company toward satisfying those wants, and integrating all decisions to that objective\ Obstacles to integrated mktg – intra-company communications – sharing info. Company-wide commitment, internal competition, ownership, and management egos, lacks of strong leadership. Marketing’s role in strategic planning – Guiding philosophy, inputs to strategic planners, designs strategies. Marketing is one in touch with the customer, must negotiates with engineering and customer, to figure out what they want, and what can be made Marketing according to Peter Drucker – Marketing is not really a separate function at all. Henry Ford – A company that makes nothing but money is a poor kind of business. Mktg Mgmt – The process of analyzing, planning (ID swot’s, setting objectives, developing strategies and tactics), executing better than competition, Measuring = ….customer lifetime value Real Needs – Maslows hierarchical mode of human motivations: Self actualization (individual) Esteem, peer recognition (individual) Belonging, friendship, love (social) Safety and security (physical) Food, drink, shelter (physical) Marketing wants – Wants are subconscious components that govern our behavior. Examples: Variety, to feel important, not to fail, acceptance, recognition, satisfaction, value The concept of needs and wants – Buying power Relationship mktg Marketing-driven companies seek to develop and sustain on-goin, long term relationships with customers Relationships through value, satisfaction and engagement Building trust over time Marketing reflects societal trends, tendencies and values
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A world in turmoil- “me me me!” 1/7/11 B2B- Today large multinational conglomerates can be your: customer, supplier/partner, competitor. EX. GE, Cisco Difference between b2b and b2c marketing
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1.3.2011 - 1/3/11 Homework- Personalized brand nametag,...

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