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Bob Duyn tweetation

Bob Duyn tweetation - Nick Poggetti MKTG 188 Bob Duyn The...

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Nick Poggetti 1/31/2011 MKTG 188 Bob Duyn The very first thing that I noticed about Bob Duyn was that he really made constant eye contact. He moved from person to person making sure to engage everyone in the classroom. I really liked that about his presentation style which ultimately allowed me to focus more on what he had to teach. We started by naming some random products that we as consumers purchase. Then we discussed the buying process regarding these products. More specifically, we discussed what the similarities and the differences were in each buying process. This was a good way to open the presentation because it allowed Bob Duyn to make some solid points about how we can’t forget that it is a person making the ultimate buying choice. This is important because it’s not just a technical decision. It is complicated by a number of factors such as how the product makes the person appear, how it will affect them, and what types of risk are involved with buying. All these
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