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Unformatted text preview: Nick Poggetti 1/26/2011 B. Barr Chris Balough Tweetation To start off his presentation, Chris Balough put electronic products into very broad terms so that they were very easy to understand. He said that every piece of electronic equipment can be defined as a box. This box has arrows going in and arrows going out. At first it wasn’t very clear what he was talking about, but when he expanded upon this it made the composition of electronics, something I am not familiar with, fairly easy to understand. He explained himself by thinking of a blackberry. Things that go in: radio frequency waves, usb plugs, a keyboard; and things that come out: video, voices, letters, numbers. I thought this was a clever way to breakdown the complexity of high tech products. To me, Chris Balough’s presentation seemed like a lecture that would be presented in class on a normal lecture day, but it is always good to get someone else’s perspective. He basically went over four topics for business to business marketing: challenges, the advantages/disadvantages of...
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